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October 25, 2010


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Mike B.

Excellent point, Bri. The comparison to other Halloween candy options is definitely a facet of the discussion worth keeping in mind. Compared to the 80 calories of one Fun Sized Snickers bar, the 25 calorie-per-role Smarties almost look healthy.

Way to take the research a step further. Perhaps they should have gone with the phrasing of "lower-calorie candy."

Thanks for the input, Bri!


I think it's pretty shady. The way the are describing Smarties doesn't even sound like anything a kid would want to eat.

However, Smarties are actually a low calorie candy compared to all the chocolates that kids love. Check this link out.

It's a calorie counter. Each roll of Smarties is only about 25 calories, which means your stack of 4 to 5 rolls is about right for the serving size.

I think if the people at Smarties wanted to appear a little less deceitful, they could focus on the fact that Smarties are probably one of the least fattening candies out there.

I'm not saying they are good for you, but I like them too.

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