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December 29, 2010


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Mike B.

Truth. Service does need to be believed by the company. But I also think that continuing to emphasize the importance of "service" to a brand's image and/or success means we need to help these brands incorporate service into their culture. It's one thing to point out good examples. It's another to help them integrate the fundamentals that make companies like Zappos/Comcast great into their own organization.

In some ways, it's like telling a football player who hopes to be a pro someday to "be like an NFL player." Without coaching them in ways that will help them improve their skills, giving them examples of players who are already great at it won't help a ton.

That said, I think an important step to take (which you guys did well in *your* recent webinar) is to point out the smaller and/or local companies who do things well, as you did with Queen City Bakery. Showing how a focus on "the little things" can lead to great customer service is important and useful because it helps other businesses see that it's not an impossible undertaking (which is how it can feel when you hear "Zappos is great, be great at customer service like they are!"). With your webinar, it was nice to finally see a new, relatable example supported with solid logic and explanation.

On a final note, I'd say if a marketer (or marketing agency) can help its clients improve their customer service, it makes a lot of things easier for everyone involved. It's a good incentive for both sides of the equation to work on customer service as far as I'm concerned. (That's not a point related to your comment, John. It's just sort of a side thought.)

Thanks for the insight and feedback! Always good to hear what you have to say.

-Mike B.

John Meyer2

Good points Mike. I agree that it's time to have new industry examples of the prime service brands.

I think what is different is that those two examples are companies that have service engrained in their culture. Service is a part of who they are whether or not they use a marketing/ad firm.

I think it's our job as marketers to push our clients toward these examples, but service must also be believed by the company.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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